A synopsis of the projects I established since 1996 around the world

“Excellence is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice.  We do not act ‘rightly’ because we are ‘excellent’, in fact, we achieve ‘excellence’ by acting ‘rightly’.”  PLATO

I always connected my work to my search for meaning.  I cannot see a fulfillment of purpose in life just by believing in something, without a practical application for this belief.  I show my beliefs, my spirit and my vision in what I do.  You can be the greatest orator, the most charismatic person on earth, but if you do not put in practice what you say, it is meaningless.

Once I clarified the “WHY” question in my mind, my work went global, spanning 6 continents and reaching the furthest corners of the world.

As you’ve seen in My Story page on this website, my global work was kickstarted with my first visit to the San Bushman tribe of the Kalahari, in 1996.  There were 2 of us that went there, myself and a very good friend of mine, Dan Serb, a brilliant young man, with an intelligence and spiritual charisma that very few understand.  Dan is a powerhouse, an artist, a genial poet and a scholar.  Together we did incredible things, even though his path and mine separated later on in life.  He will remain in my heart as one of the greatest influences for good and benevolence.

  1. The Kalahari: my first love, the place where I still can watch the stars at night, unobstructed by civilization, noise and lights.  Since 1996, my team and I installed more than 110 water systems powered by solar technology, providing water to more than 30.000 people in Namibia and Botswana.  We distributed over 10.000 blankets to the children suffering from the cold of desert winter, we distributed thousands of mosquito nets to villages affected by malaria, introduced agricultural programs in the bush and sponsored children to go to school.  I have traveled to the Kalahari more than 100 times since 1996 and I was also adopted by the San Tribe in 1998, receiving my San name, N:kau, the white chief.  This is an on-going project
  2. The Amazon: in 2002, I went for the first time to South America, where I reached the remote Davis Indians of Paruima, as well as the Kimbia people up the Berbice river on the border of Guiana and Suriname. After this, a series of incursions into the deep Amazon jungle followed: Brazil, Venezuela and Peru.  Discovering the incredible culture of the Carib people, the Kandoshi of Northern Peru and the Yanomami of Brazil.
  3. The Arctic: after my first failed attempt to reach Greenland by sailboat in 2004, I eventually succeeded to reach the Inuit of Nunavut, Canada, where I traveled back and forth for 5 years, delivering youth programs and supporting this beautiful culture. On-going project
  4. South Pacific: after reading about the accidental discovery of a remote tribe in the volcanic mountains of Vanuatu, I sailed with my brother on his yacht to reach them in 2007. Over the next years, I visited the elusive Kiai tribe and other tribes in Vanuatu multiple times, installing water systems, delivering mosquito nets to children and supporting the tribes in whatever needs they presented to me. On-going project.
  5. The Congo: Searching for the Congo Pygmies, 2007, the oldest inhabitants of the jungle in Equatorial Africa. Their plight, their survival and their gentleness were high in my priorities.  Supporting construction of clinics and schools and delivering aid were some of our projects there.  On-going project.
  6. Orphans: Since 2010, my wife and I are working to care for 200 orphans in Zambia, sending them to school, providing clothing and medical care as well as providing a property of 40 hectares where we grow food for them. On-going project and on track to become self-sufficient.
  7. Mosquito nets to African children: this is a permanent project and working to alleviate the effect of the deadly malaria on small children of Africa.
  8. Water-systems powered by solar technology: also a permanent project and one of the greatest importance, as this is one of the greatest plagues in Africa right now and thousands of children die from lack of access to clean drinking water.

Information about these projects can be found on my work website:

Join me on my global work, become part of an adventure that will leave a legacy behind you beyond your imagination.

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